Our Mission

Reactive Sky was started by a 6 year U.S. Army veteran, Kris Hobson. Helicopter maintenance taught him that there are no second chances in certain circumstances; your business being one of them. Kris and his team serve Central Florida and will be there whenever needed.

We're On It

You and your employees won't have to worry about or troubleshoot IT or computer problems any more. Instead, put all your effort into your business, where it should be. You will not have to sit around, waiting for the IT guy. Reactive Sky will know when a problem arises and will start to fix it right away, probably before you even realize it. Plus, we do all this at a fraction of the cost of just one IT employee.

How It Works
We make I.T. work for you.

How It Works

We will make sure your technology is always running. With a small, unintrusive piece of hardware, Reactive Sky will monitor your Internet connectivity, your internal network, the health of your computers, and your phone and printer networks. Whenever a problem pops up, we will be automatically notified. Most of the time, we are able to fix the problem before you even know about it.




You never want to see red lights on your network hardware. We will make sure your gear is working. Here are just some of the network services we provide:

  • Network Inspection
  • Router/Modem/Switch Inspections
  • Firmware Updates
  • Security Inspection, including Firewall, WiFi, and Strong Passwords
  • Configure Hardware Settings as Needed
  • Wire and Connector Inspection
  • Running Wires
  • Replacing Connectors
  • Configure Phone Network as Needed
  • Configure network printers as Needed
IP Phone


We will install and monitor your phone system to ensure seamless operation with the latest technology options available:

  • Powerful PBX Features
  • Mobility
  • Keep Your Number
  • Enhanced 911
  • Online Control Panel
  • ...and Much More


Dust in a computer will dramatically shorten its life and can cripple its performance. We offer computer services that keep both the hardware and software running at its best. Here is a list of some of the computer services we offer:

  • Ensure Antivirus is Properly Configured
  • Ensure Network is Properly Configured
  • Ensure Firewall is Properly Configured
  • Perform Monthly Hardware Scans (During Off Hours)
  • Perform Monthly Software Scans (During Off Hours)
  • Annual Inspection and Cleaning

Combo Discount

It's best to have all your network, computers and phones integrated. Mix and match any of our services and get a discounted rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the services cost?

Our prices are a fraction of what you would have to pay for just one IT employee. Reactive Sky continuously networks with big companies for exclusive deals and passes that savings on to you! Are you paying for something that is free, like Google for Nonprofits or Office 365 For NonProfits? We call major corporations to ensure you receive the best deal.

A typical price for Combo Service for small company with 10 computers would be a $1,000 installment fee and $1,000 per month. Please complete the form below to get the best price.

How long have you been doing this?

The Reactive Sky team has decades of collective professional experience in technology. Our drive to understand how and why things work the way they do, and our desire to make them more efficient is what motivated us to begin this adventure. Reactive Sky was established in 2016 to respond to the many technology needs of local businesses.

Are you able to fix problems without physical access to the equipment?

Yes! In most cases, we will be able to fix issues without having to be on site. We accomplish this by running repair tools right from our office. If we are unable to correct the problem in this manner, we will contact you and let you know we’re on the way.

Do you provide outage reports or monthly reports?

Absolutely! Not only can we provide these types of reports, but we are able to customize them to fit your needs.

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